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Hey look! Boring stuff! [Feb. 8th, 2010|07:31 pm]

The three of us were approved and are now on the waiting list for an apartment. I want to start a savings account once I get a bit more money put aside, which shouldn't be too difficult since my bosses have apparently decided to get as much work out of me as possible before June.

I really want to buy a coffee table. Nothing christens a new home like choosing accessories specifically for it. How boring am I.

We finally got a chance to visit Cambree in Bowling Green. The weather was particularly bitter, but we made up for it with our shameless gluttony.

My new computer was messed up so I sent it back and will be getting a replacement, maybe, soon. I also got a duplicate phone from one of Cambree's grad friends that she just happened to be selling, and I just happened to need, because it just happened to break. New busted hotness abounds.

I'm working on one of the three projects I told myself I would casually work on for the past 18 months (ha), and it happens to be the one I was avoiding the most (double ha). I was just struck by this urge to make a move on it, which really is the only way I progress with these kinds of things. I figure I'll ride the ambition train as long as it's taking the time to stop for me. "Choo choo", I guess.

[User Picture]From: smooth_katt
2010-02-09 04:17 pm (UTC)

tiny smile of glee (happiness not to scale)

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